Final Fantasy XV Altissia Showcase Video Released

Square Enix have released yet another trailer for Final Fantasy XV, this time showing off Altissia, City Upon The Water. As the name implies, the whole city was built on water, kinda like Venice.

This is just one of the many cities we’ll get to explore in FFXV. The video makes it seem densely populated, with lots of NPCs roaming the streets, doing their business. A number of them will also have unique interactions, like having the ability to draw a group portrait of Noctis and his buddies. You’ll be able to use gondolas as a means of transportation within the city – they’re not much faster than going on foot, but they let you soak in the surroundings.

The town looks especially charming by night, with soft, warm light radiating from the streetlights and homes. The scene in the building with the giant portrait suggests a mystery we’ll get to solve. There will also be NPCs that can give you side-quests, like a bartender who offers you to join the hunt for a certain species of monster.

Final Fantasy XV is going to launch on Xbox One and Playstation 4, on September 30th. A PC port is likely, somewhere down the road, but not officially confirmed yet.

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