ReCore E3 2016 Trailer Released

Microsoft have published a new trailer for ReCore, the upcoming action puzzle game from Armature Studio. It shows off the different robots you can control as well as their unique abilities.

The game follows the story of Joule Adams, a woman who takes control of the robots seen in the video, in order to explore the desert complex and reach her goal.
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Joule herself has a couple of tools – including a grappling hook and a rifle. She can also dash using her rocket boots. Only three robots have been showcased in this new video:

  • Mack – Mack is the dog-shaped one, a his role is that of the explorer. He can use electrical charges to dispatch enemies.
  • Seth – Seth is called the escape artist. He’s a spider-bot that can walk on vertical surfaces and even ceilings. Joule can grapple onto him and let him drag her to otherwise unreachable places. He also has a blaster, for self-defense.
  • Duncan – Duncan is the giant one. He moves like a gorilla and has fire-based area of effect attacks. Presumably, he’s also good at lifting heavy things.
The final shot shows two more bots that haven’t been detailed – one is a floating orb with hands, while the other is a like a small tank, with the caterpillar tracks and all.

ReCore will be released on Xbox One and PC on September 13th. It’s going to cost $40, which is nice for a change. When you buy it, you’ll get it on both platforms, with save files automatically shared between them.

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