FFXV Comrades Beta All Weapons Stats and Abilities

Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer beta has four weapons on disposal for every player – katanas, clubs, shurikens and daggers . In the full version, there will also be additional weapons, like polearms, crossbows, and shield weapons. In this guide, we’ll show you all FFXV Comrades beta weapon stats and abilities.

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FFXV Comrades Beta All Weapons Stats and Abilities
FFXV Comrades All Weapons Stats and Abilities

Before we begin, please note:

  • In the FFXV multiplayer Comrades closed online test, the characters we get to play as are level 11, with 35 strength.
  • The quest reward weapons are not obtainable, as you can’t really use their rewards, because there is no accessing them in the inventory.
  • With the help of a Royal Sigil called The Rogue’s Sigil, you can increase strength by 20, and enable attacks while in midair.
  • There is a Practaur training dummy at the starting zone. Use it to test the weapons at your disposal.

FFXV Comrades Katana – Sennin-giri

Ashura is another katana-like weapon in the beta. It is a reward for the quests “Naga Extermination” and “Road to Old Lestallum”.

Sennin-giri – Enhanced blade that sharpens every time it rends a foe asunder.

  • Attack level 1: 106 Damage
  • Ability Flurry Rush: Damage output increases with each consecutive strike.
  • Weapon Description: Katana boasting excellent reach and mobility. Tilting left stick allows the wielder to move about the field while attacking. Damage output increases witch each successive strike.

Multiplayer Club Weapon – Mythril Hammer

The Imperial Axe is another club that is present in beta. It comes as a reward from the quest “Naga Extermination”.

Mythril Hammer – Hammer with a mythril ingot affixed to its handle.

  • Attack level 1: 120 Damage
  • Stats: +10 Strength (increase physical damage)
  • Weapon description: Powerful mace that can destroy appendages with ease. Holding Circle (PlayStation 4), X (Xbox One) allows the wielder to channel their strength into a devastating charge attack.

Online Daggers Weapon – Crimson Flashes

These are the only daggers shown in the beta.

Crimson Flashes – Blades burning with fire at their core. They inflict fire-based elemental damage.

  • Attack level 1: 88
  • Stats: +20% Fire Resistance
  • Abilities:
    • Flamebound: Standard attacks inflict fire-type elemental damage.
    • Warp Combo Fira: Casts fire-type elemental spell after a successful warp-strike.
  • Weapon Description: Light pair of daggers that allow the wielder to strike swiftly. Unleash fire-type magic with each successful warp-strike.

Comrades Weapon Shuriken – Kagenui

Beside the Kagenui, there are also two more shurikens present in the beta. They are Raiton and Fuma Shurikens. They come as a reward for two quests: “Hunting the Garulessa” and “Naga Extermination”.

Kagenui – Special shuriken whose blades are laced with a paralyzing potion.

  • Attack level 1: 24
  • Ability Petrifier: Standard attacks gain a small chance of stopping enemies in their tracks.
  • Weapon Description: Shuriken able to strike enemies in the air or from afar. Occasionally stops foes in their attacks.

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