Final Fantasy XV Comrades To Have Another Test This Weekend

Square Enix are planning a do-over on the whole FFXV Comrades closed online test thing. Their first go at it, which you can still play, isn’t exactly in the best of shapes. The developers are planning to patch the whole thing up to improve matchmaking and, presumably, some of the other issues. The second round of testing will be this weekend, from August 11th to August 13th.

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Final Fantasy XV Comrades To Have Another Test This Weekend
Final Fantasy XV Comrades To Have Another Test This Weekend

Well, the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion is off to a rocky start. True, the actual DLC won’t come out for a considerable amount of time, but the first test certainly could have gone much better. We’ve already listed some of the most common FFXV Comrades errors and problems, but that’s just kinda the tip of the iceberg. The worst problems include poor matchmaking, completely broken or missing features, and more. True, this was just the first test, and problems are to be expected in every beta testing, but still.

Well, according to the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter account, the developers have decided to fix Comrades right up, then hold another round of closed online testing. The second go will last from August 11th to August 13th, and it will have improved matchmaking, which should make the experience far more enjoyable:

For now, you can still play the first version of the FFXV Comrades beta, since it lasts until tomorrow, August 8th. Even though it’s not exactly stellar, it still has its share of fun to offer. If you’re having trouble finding your friends in the game, check out our FFXV Comrades How to Play With Friends guide. And, if you wanna have some fun with the glitches, take a look at our FFXV Comrades How To Glitch Out of Starting Lobby Area guide.

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