FFXV Dynamo Locations

Dynamo is a treasure item in Final Fantasy XV. It can be pretty tough to find, and its selling price is pretty low.
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However, it can be used in A Better Bioblaster quest – if you give it to Cid, he’s going to use it and upgrade Bioblaster. This alone makes it pretty valuable, despite how Lucian traders treat it. In this guide, we’re going to show you Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations, to help you upgrade your machinery weapons.

If you rely on the Bioblaster, you’ll definitely want to upgrade it. The enhanced version does more damage, and it has better stats. It’s a shame that only Propmto and Noctis can use it – the former is much better when given a handgun, and it’s hard to make yourself use up a whole slot to make Noctis use it.

Final Fantasy XV Dynamo locations

The first dynamo we found was in Chapter 13, near the end of the game. It’s in the giant warehouse you visit while trying to activate the central elevator in A King’s Struggle quest. Get to the lower level of the warehouse, then go north, between the canister racks, into the dark. You’ll see a staircase leading onto a platform – climb it, and you’ll find the dynamo there.

The second one was even further, during the Cure for Insomnia quest. We found it while roaming the streets of Insomnia, looking for the Citadel entrance. It’s hidden in a transport vehicle in the south part of the map. It’s at the end of one of the broad streets, and there’s a lvl 41 Ariadne guarding it.

The third one is the easiest to get. That is, if you are able to defeat the level 54 Midgardsormr guarding the treasure. The dynamo at this location is marked as a treasure. It is found west of Lestallum and Burbost Souvenir Emporium Outpost. Just follow the river from the waterfall, until it reaches its conflux.

Note: We would like to thank Ernest, Michael, J16s2000 and others from the comment section for additional information.

Once you’ve found a dynamo, head to Cid and complete the Better Bioblaster quest. There might be more dynamos, but we haven’t found them yet. If you know of a location we haven’t included, be sure to let us know in the comments. It’s also possible there’s a merchant who sells them at some outpost, but we haven’t seen one in our travels.