FFXV Best Starting Weapons

Final Fantasy XV has a lot of fighting you can’t avoid. In order to do good, you’ll need good weapons. They can be hard to obtain in the beginning – you have no money, vendors are expensive, and good gear isn’t just lying around in the dust. There’s a way to get awesome equipment early, but it’s not really obvious. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best starting weapons in Final Fantasy XV, where to find them and their stats.

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Final Fantasy XV Best Starting Weapons

As soon as you get some fuel in your car, you can head north and get the Bioblaster. It’s a machinery weapon that deals a lot of damage and creates a poison mist. You can give it to Prompto, which will make him a force to be reckoned with.

As for the rest of your crew, they’re going to have to wait just a little longer. Your best source of quality early game weapons is the weapon vendor in Lestallum. As soon as you can leave the Leide area, travel to Lestallum and talk to him. He has a kiosk in the eastern part of town.

He’ll ask you to finish Ace of Carpace, a relatively low-effort fetch quest. It’s in your best interest to do it – he’s going to give you a discount if you do. Once you’re done with that, take a look at his wares and get the following:
  • Noctis: Flame Tongue has 117 attack, does fire damage and costs only 560 gil.
  • Gladiolus: Hardedge has 224 attack, adds 150 HP and costs 1050 gil.
  • Ignis: Ice Spear has 133 attack, does ice damage and costs 1050 gil.
  • Prompto: Mythril Pistol has 96 attack, improves magic and is sold for 420 gil.
For only 3000 gil, you’re getting equipment that won’t go out of style that fast. If you’ve got a good supply of healing potions, you can let Noctis use the Armiger weapons. They’re insanely strong, but they drain his HP when used.

Note: To get the “Ace of Carpace” – weapon vendor quest, you’ll need to finish the quest “A Stroll for Two”. After you come to Lestallum for the first time and spend a night in the hotel, you’ll be asked by Iris to go and see the sights with her. Accept this offer to start the quest “A Stroll for Two”.

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  1. H

    Just went and bought the weapons, both the Hardedge and Ice Spear were 1500 gil.

  2. S

    Try following the guide and do his quest first!!!

  3. A

    I can’t even get him to give me the Ace quest in the first place

    1. A

      ok you have to do the Iris quest first.

  4. S

    Hey I’m looking for how to get back to the vendor that sold 10k Gil. My dumbass went on ahead and beat the game. When I go back o can’t seem to find that vendor again. Got over 200k to spend and no weapons to buy

    1. S

      10k Gil weapons*

      1. This vendor is found in Meldacio Hunter HQ, northwest from Lestallum. 10 000 Gil weapons he sells are: Durandal (232 attack), Radiant Lance (205 attack), Orichalcum (223 attack) and Black Prince (175 attack shield).

  5. S

    just curious about ace of carpace quest. what chapter do you need to be to get it to be offered? im at chapter 3. no quest offers yet. thanks for the guide!

    1. The second part of the Chapter 3. You’ll get to spend a night in Lestallum. Be sure to accept the invitation for sightseeing from Iris.

  6. J

    Hi! Is there any way I can buy/get an engine blade? My brother accidentally sold my weapon earlier in the game then saved it after few quest.

    1. R

      You can’t sell it. It’s not possible.

      1. C

        Yes you can. It only sells for 1 gil

  7. I
    Ian M

    If you go by where dino quest were the Malachi pond is you can get the assassin daggers very early (start of chapter 3) its an item find near the pond. 122 attack plus venom

  8. Q

    thanks, very helpful !

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