FFXV Ever Illustrious Regalia Quest

Ever Illustrious Regalia quest is a mission given by Cindy in Final Fantasy XV. You get this quest once you complete the “The Ever Valorous Regalia”. This time, Cindy sends you into the Crestholm Channels dungeon. The reward for this quest are the Enhanced Headlights. It can be tricky to complete, since the dungeon layout is complicated. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Final Fantasy XV Ever Illustrious Regalia quest.

Enhanced Headlight Regalia Component FFXV

Ever Illustrious Regalia Walkthrough

Once you accept the quest, you’ll get the first step. The Crestholm Channels dungeon entrance is located east of Hammerhead, in the area called Ostium Gorge. This is the part of the main road that leads to Insomnia. After you pass the small yellow-green tollbooth, turn to your right. There should be a small entrance in the metal fence. At the end of the path after this entrance is a small shaft.

Crestholm Channels Dungeon Entrance FFXVThis is where the Crestholm Channels dungeon starts. It is wise to save here manually, because once you go down the shaft using the long ladders, you can’t manually save.

Crestholm Channels headlights location

The exact location of the “The Ever Illustrious Regalia” headlights item is near the start of the Crestholm Channels dungeon. But, there is a little trick. In order to reach it, you’ll have to defeat the second hardest dungeon boss “Nagarani”. This is the boss that you are faced agains, once you fall down the long, long silo type of facility.

Once he is defeated, you’ll be able to reach one of the couple of platforms near the start of the dungeon. These are the platforms that have the raised ladders; the ones that you have to push from the same platform to go down. Once you are on top of these platforms you can reach the headlights.

From the smaller platform with the raised ladder, go into the tunnel behind it. Follow this tunnel to the end. Once there, turn left and go into the second tunnel to your left. This tunnel takes you straight to the headlights and the fourth dungeon console that unlocks the secret door.The second path to the item requires a little more of a special jump. You can perform it from the longer platform with the raised ladders. From this platform you have to jump to the platform opposite from it. As you jump, perform an attack weapon animation. This gives you a much needed small movement boost, just long enough to reach the other platform.Once you collect the headlights, you’ll need to deliver the parts to Cindy. The quest ends, and you receive Enhanced Headlights and 3 000 EXP.

Regalia Enhanced Headlights

Special lights that drive off daemons with a holy glow. A useful modification for those who wish to drive at night without fear of an attack.

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  1. N

    Are you sure about the jump? I’ve been trying for hours and I still can’t get it right :/

    1. Absolutely, I was surprised when I did it as well. It is a bit tricky. Be sure to have weapon (like sword) chosen, and not lets say some spell. Push the running button and on the edge jump, and attack. Should give enough boost for sure.

  2. M

    It works but there is a path that leads there.

    1. M

      After opening the first gate jump down to the spot where there are three tunnels going up, go through the middle one.

  3. F
    Fucking tired and mad

    I dont care if this jump works or not. I wasted atleast an hour and a half trying to make that fucking gap because i didnt know you could bring down the ladder to the left so i literally went down the hole at least 13 times and had to climb my way back up for 12 minues cursing the whole way through… and the answer ends up being right here in the comments.

  4. M

    I literally just did this without even having to fight Nagarani. ? I was in and out in 10 minutes.

    1. R

      How?! I wanted to avoid Nagarani cause I’m not ready…but I want the Regalia’s lights.

      1. M

        I can’t really explain exactly how I got there, but I just kept searching around on another way around. If you watch a video of where it’s actually located in the dungeon, it’s pretty easy to find a way to it

  5. C

    Took me a while but i finally figured this out. Was annoying. got lost. YoJimbo was a pain. escaped near death just to fall down the hole for the big boss.. needless to say i died lol.
    Found the short way but the jump wasn’t to bad to do,.

  6. D

    I beat nagani and that door DOES NOT open!

    1. M

      That’s because you have to activate all four consoles in the dungeon to unlock it.

  7. E

    I tried jumping with sword and it’s not getting in the air long enough…. I then tried almost all weapon and see which gives me extra distance when swing in the air, result is…. THE KATANA OF WARRIOR, it gives you slight while attack in the air and I made the jump first try.

    1. G

      This saved me! After trying the jump and failing for nearly 30 mins I read your weapon equip suggestion and it also worked for me first try. Thank you!!!

  8. K

    The door doesn’t open

  9. Y

    An important point about the jump… Don’t sprint. Just run. You’ll do it first time

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