FFXV Summons

Final Fantasy XV summons are giant creatures that can aid you in battle. They’ve been around through the series in various forms, with different names, but they’ve always been there.
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They can turn the tides in an instant. Since these Archaeans are so powerful, you’ll first have to earn their favor. In this guide, we’re going to show you everything we know about FFXV summons – which ones to expect, how to get them, what they do.

Final Fantasy XV Summons

They’ve been around for a while, and if you’ve played any of the previous games, you might know them as Eidolons, Espers, or some other name. In the latest game, they’re called Final Fantasy XV Astrals. Most of them will have to be defeated in boss battles in order to be used. Here’s a list of them:
  • Titan – the stone giant
  • Ramuh – the thunder-loving wizard
  • Shiva – the ice lady
  • Leviathan – the water serpent
  • Bahamut – the black dragon
You have very little control over how and when they’re going to be summoned. When the game decides you’re in over your head, it’s going to offer you help. This can happen when you’ve taken a lot of damage, or when the enemy is too high level for you. You’ll see a prompt to press L2/LT and summon the offered archaean. There seem to be some rules as to when which one will appear – Titan can be summoned outside, Leviathan near the water, Ramuh inside, etc. There are also fixed occasions within the story where you’ll get to call them forth.

How to summon Carbuncle in FFXV

Carbuncle looks like something between a fox and a rabbit. It has a red gemstone lodged in its forehead. It appears in the Platinum Demo (available for free on PS4). If you play through the demo to the end, you’ll unlock a Carbuncle and get to name it. Once you do this, you’ll be able to summon him in the full game, once it’s out.

Carbuncle appears when you’re in danger, restoring health and reviving party members. He can be of great help in fights that happen in tight spaces.

How to summon Ramuh in FFXV

Ramuh is an ancient wizard with a particular fondness for lightning. You’ll unlock him during the main quest – you’ll need to visit Fociaugh Hollow and finish a trial in order to get his mark. Once you have him, he’ll automatically appear when the game decides it’s appropriate and smite your opponent with electricity.

How to summon FFXV Titan

Titan is a stone giant. He can stomp your enemies or throw giant boulders at them. He has to be defeated during the Archean quest in the main story. Once you’ve bested him, you’ll be able to summon him.

How to summon FFXV Leviathan

Leviathan is a giant water serpent. It become available during the later parts of the game, and can aid you when you’re near water.

How to summon Shiva in FFXV

Shiva is the snow maiden. She appears near the end of the game, to bestow a weapon upon you, but we haven’t yet seen her in action outside of the story quests. She freezes all enemies in a certain radius.

FFXV How to summon Bahamut

Bahamut is the legendary dragon. As far as we know, you cannot summon it outside of the main story. It appears only once, during a boss fight, and does some amazing stuff.

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