FFXV Glass Gemstone Locations

Glass Gemstone is an item that you can discover in Final Fantasy XV. You need this item to complete the A Better Engine Blade II quest.
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In this guide, we’ll show you all of the Final Fantasy XV Glass Gemstone locations and how to find them.

Note: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we discover new locations.

Where to find Glass Gemstone in FFXV

The Glass Gemstone that is probably the most accessible is in Lestalum Outpost. When you park the Regalia, go up the stairs. Now, cross the road to the left, towards the blue Newfields building. The item is next to one of the tables on the building’s front porch.One of the locations where you can find a Glass Gemstone is in Cape Caem, near the Hidden Getaway rest spot. Face the entrance to the hotel and turn to the right. You’ll see a well not far off, and the item is sitting on the edge of the well.You can find a Glass Gemstone in the rocky hills east of The Vesperpool. The hills in question are between Vesperpool and the smaller lake next to it. Take a walk, it’s very scenic and beautiful. You’ll find the Gemstone easily enough. Another Glass Gem location is in Altissa, the beautiful, Venice-lookalike city on the sea. The item itself is near The Leville – Royal Suite lodgings. Turn left when you exit the hotel and past the vendor. Take a left near the small fountain. Follow the path and you’ll see a small, square archway between a green door and a staircase going up. The item is on the ground in the archway.

Note: There is also one at Old Lestallum. It is north of the outpost immediately left of the stairs next to a small tree. (Thanks LEGENDSandLIONS)

One more way to get a Glass Gemstone is by leveling Gladiolus’s Survival skill. Once it’s up to about level six, he’ll be able to get a Glass Gemstone as a drop after a battle. This is the long way to go about this, but it’s up to you how you choose to approach it.

Since Glass Gemstones are a treasure item, it’d be easy to assume its only worth is selling it for gill. This is far from correct, and the same is true for many other treasure items. The Glass Gemstone is vital to completing the Better Engine Blade II quest. Once you acquire the item, go to Cid and he’ll upgrade your Engine Blade II. Of course, you need to have completed the A Better Engine Blade quest first, for which you need a Rusted Bit.

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  1. L

    There is also one I noticed at Old Lestallum. It is north of the outpost immediately left of the stairs next to a small tree. Hope that helps.

    1. V

      Hello LEGENDSandLIONS.

      I can’t find the one at OLD Lestallum. I only can find an ORACLE ASCENSION COIN. Can you screenshot it please?

      Thank you.

    2. V

      Okay, I’ve searched OLD LESTALLUM as described by LEGENDSandLIONS. There are 2 stairs from this outpost that lets you go to the grass/forest area. The first stairs which is near the bridge only contains the ORACLE ASCENSION COIN. There’s also a nearby item which is a WHITESTONE CRYSTAL.

      The second stairs which is at the opposite side of the first stairs does not show any item from the left of the stairs which is next to a small tree.

      Please clarify this or at least show a screenshot of the exact location.


      1. I’ve added the picture of the Glass Gemstone from Old Lestallum. Sorry it took me so long 😀

  2. A

    Found one in the Ravatough dungeon, right next to the fire draw point, near the cliff edge.

  3. S

    After reading your helpful walk through I had a glass gemstone drop from a battle with 5 Arba. After the fight Gladiolus used his skill which is lvl 6 and picked up the gem stone.

  4. M
    M0rb1dly Chunky

    Watched the triple xp bid. If you create magic and use a certain coin it boosts xp. If you have alticia available to visit go there and there is a restaurant that serves a food item with +100% xp. Go behind hammerhead into the ravine and fight the bamdersnatch using magic or summon enemies if you have the appropriate command. You can build up to 1Mil xp an hour. Then go to alticia again abd stay in the hotel and boom 3Mil xp. Easy lvl up.

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