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A Better Engine Blade quest is a side mission in Final Fantasy XV. The engine blade is the main weapon of choice for Noctis.
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Although he wields a variety of weapons including swords, greatswords, and spears, this falchion with a motorcycle engine is his main weapon. It can be further upgraded through the quest, and in this guide we will show you how to upgrade Engine Blade in FFXV.

FFXV Engine Blade Upgrade

You will have the possibility to upgrade the Engine Blade when you come back to Hammerhead in the 2nd Chapter. There you will find Cid Sophiar. Cid is a master mechanic in the Outpost and he is located in the Hammerhead Garage. After you finish the quest called “Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic”, talk to him again. You will learn that Cid can modify mechanized weapons.Cid will then offer to upgrade Noctis’ Engine Blade. That will activate the “Better Engine Blade” quest. The reward for this quest is 500 XP and the Engine Blade II. To upgrade the weapon, the player must find a rusted bit. Rusted Bit is a rare item in Final Fantasy XV. It is a piece of rusted metal, and it appears that it has no apparent value, and the player can sell it in the stores.

Rusted Bit locations are scattered across the world of Eos and it can be pretty tricky to find one. Go south of Hammerhead to Galdin Quay. Walk to the end of the pier and you will find the Rusted Bit next to the white-blue pillar. If you maybe picked up the item earlier and sold it, check out our guide on how to find Rusted bit.Once you obtain the Rusted bit, go back to Cid. He will then upgrade your weapon to the stronger version of the blade. Also, you will be notified that from now on, Cid can upgrade the other weapons that Noctis is carrying with him.

Better Engine Blade II

If you want Cid to upgrade your Engine Blade II, you’ll have to get a Glass Gemstone. Glass Gemstone is an item that you can find randomly strewn around the world. If you have the item on you already, hand the Engine Blade II and the Gemstone to Cid and let the old man do is thing. If you don’t, be sure to check out our FFXV Glass Gemstone Locations guide.

Cid will probably need some time to fix up the Blade, so use that time to drive around and do some side quests. When the weapon is done, you’ll get some EXP and an improved Engine Blade II – Engine Blade III, and really dish out some punishment.

Better Engine Blade III

To get this upgrade, you need to give Cid a Sturdy Helixhorn. The Sturdy Helixhorn is an item you can get as a drop from enemies. In case you have the item ready, give it over to Cid together with the Engine Blade.

How to pass the time

Once you give Cid the material, the next step says: “Pass the time by undertaking quests and hunts”. To complete this step, you’ll have to rest for a couple of days in resting places. Once you are there, pay attention to the notification in the lower left corner. This is where you get the information on how many days have passed by.

We needed a total of five days to get the call from Cid. Cid called to inform us that the quest is complete, and he is ready to give us an upgraded version of the weapon.




  1. M

    You’ll find one at the Prairie Outpost using the ladder to go up the electric tower

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Great catch! There are many more locations – gotta wait for the game to come out first though.

  2. B

    I’ve run into a problem. When I go to unequip Engine Blade, it says “Gear is Locked”. How did it get locked? How do I unlock it?

    1. A

      I have this problem too!! Plaes halp!!!

    2. Had this issue, when I was in a combat, and the weapon I wanted to change is unsheathed. Maybe we have the same problem here?

    3. N

      you have to upgrade the lance first

    4. L

      equip a different weapon.

    5. O

      Same issue. I’ve tried equipping a different weapon and it doesn’t work. I had no problems with the lance.

      1. C

        It means you’re using that weapon, and need to not use that weapon. exit the menu, use the D-pad to select a different weapon, then head back in to the menu to change it.

  3. S

    can you put a link of a vid regarding debase coin locations?or blue drops that can be pick?so i can gather them?and by talking to tips will it reset the blue drops across the map?

  4. J

    I can’t seem to complete the “A Better (insert weapon)” quests any more. I have the items I need, go up to Cid, but he just sits in his chair and repeats “Y’all brace yerselves for power.” I can’t do a thing about it.

    1. I think that means that he needs time to complete the upgrade. It might take him a couple of days even, so you’re free to roam around for a while.

      1. S

        that is correct

        1. F

          I am having this problem as well except I has been going on for five to six in game days and I can’t upgrade any of the weapons passed II. According to the guide getting the engine blade III you should run a few quests or hunts, well I’ve done three quests and 12 hunts and he is still saying “y’all brace yourselves for power.” I also have the ingredients. So.. What do?

      2. Y

        I was having the same problem. Try doing a hunt specifically and then resting at a campsite. That bits important. It worked for me

    2. J

      Sometimes this will be story locked as well, I had to complete some missions before I could finish it

  5. C
    Chris Varney

    To swap weapons, you have to not be holding the weapon u want to change. Example: if I wanted to swap my engine sword, I would have to switch to my daggers in the field first, like I wanted to use them, then go to gear and I can switch my sword.

  6. S

    what enemies drop the spiral thing and where can i find them?

    1. If you are talking about Sturdy Helixhorn, it drops from monsters called Duplicorns.

  7. A

    I cant get the “Scrap it now” quest. Its not there at all for me, even tho the spiracorn/duplicorn quest is there….
    Do any one know why i cant get that quest ?

  8. C

    For those with the locked weapons..just change weapons. It’s locked because that’s your currently equipped weapon. Push a different direction on the d-par

    1. O

      Doesn’t work.

  9. D

    I don’t know what you mean by pass the day 3 times all you have to do is on the first time it ask you to pass time just do one hunt and camp. The second time do 3 hunts and camp that’s it.

  10. M

    Anyone else having the problem where Cid isn’t even sitting in his chair so you can’t turn in the Engine Blade to him to even upgrade in the first place-? I HAVE the quest STARTED to FIND the Rusty Bit, but Cid moved from his chair and now I can’t turn it in…??

    1. A

      he’s now in the lighthouse at Cape Caem.

  11. L

    Is anyone else stucck ‘chatting’ to cid after he gives you the ultima blade back? tried turning it off and back on again because that’s all you can do when in ‘chat’ mode as you can’t save or load etc? so fricking annoying!

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