Final Fantasy XV Glitch Allows for Niflheim Exploration

A new glitch has been discovered in Final Fantasy XV, one that allows players to leave the boundaries of the game and explore areas that weren’t meant to be explored. It allows you to see a big part of Niflheim that wasn’t included in the game itself, at least not as something you can visit. Watch the exploration video below.

ffxv niflheim exploration
FFXV Niflheim glitch

The video is an hour long, and it showcases several areas: Cartanica, Eusciello, Pagla and Tenebrae. The first area is the only one that has loaded fully, showing off the terrain and the objects in it, while the others are mostly just terrain, with some foliage at several points. There’s nothing to do in these zones except walk around – no people to see, no enemies to fight.

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As soon as the video popped up, fans started speculating about the origin of these areas. Some think it’s cut content, removed from the game after one of its many direction changes. Certain players annoyed by this, because the areas are from the second part of the game, which was notoriously linear and felt rushed to many. Others feel these areas will be unlocked and filled with the arrival of DLC. The truth is probably much more mundane – the areas could’ve just been generated to provide a backdrop for the train ride, without ever having a grander purpose. We’ll probably never know the full story – Square Enix aren’t likely to comment on this find.

The glitch is performed by going to a certain place and using the Armiger skill, which pushes you forward with enough momentum to go through loose meshes. This way, you end up on the other side of the obstacles that were put there to keep you inside the boundaries of the map. It’s a pretty neat trick, and there’s no doubt more locations are going to be discovered this way.

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