Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Operation Skydive Gameplay Trailer

The Operation Skydive gameplay trailer shows an interesting four-person co-op mission. You’ll see how to complete a mission through the eyes of these players. They plan to take a hostage from what appears to be a drug laboratory.

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This video was posted on the Ubisoft Latinoamérica YouTube channel. You might have missed it, since, at the same time, we got to see the beautiful live-action trailer “The Red Dot”. This is a trailer for people who love cats. One of them has a main role. Of course, animal cruelty is forbidden, but taking down bad guys, no matter the quantity, is always welcome.

No cats in the Operation Skydive gameplay trailer. You’ll see how the co-op mission works. This trailer shows us the beauty of playing with other players.

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, the big challenge is to fight drug trafficking around the world. The new game in the series will take you on a long day, surrounded by the vibrant scenery of Bolivia, in South America.

The first focus is on the player called Weaver that approaches the goal compound – San Mateo Base – on foot. It allows him to take down the sniper on the tall tower and the guard next to the helicopter. This was probably the enemy air support unit.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Operation Skydive Gameplay Trailer

Midas, Nomad and Holt are our air support unit. Midas jumps from the helicopter, only to land on the warehouse with the glass roof. This allows him to perform a stealth approach and grab what appears a drug cook from the warehouse.

The remaining team in the chopper offers air fire while they extract the hostage. The importance of this kind of approach is unknown. Your actions have an influence on the civilian population, as well as on the relationship between enemy factions. You can even make an alliance with the rebel groups.

Nomad, Midas, Holt and Weaver are the part of the team sent to Bolivia to deal with the cartel. Each one of them has unique skills. For example, Weaver is a team sniper, Midas a combat specialist, Nomad the team leader and Holt the team engineer.

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