FFXV How to Get Regalia Type-D Off-road Car

Regalia Type-D is a new car added to Final Fantasy XV in update 1.11. It’s the first time the game will let you go off-road, in a monster truck convertible that can jump. It’s actually making the Regalia usefull, nine months after the game’s release. It’s easy to get, but there are a couple of things you should know before you start driving it across mountain ranges. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Regalia Type-D in FFXV.

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ffxv regalia type-d jumping car
Regalia Type-D

How to obtain Regalia Type-D

First, you’ll need to download the 1.11 patch. It weights around 9GB on Playstation (10GB on Xbox). After you’ve got it, go to Hammerhead garage and talk to Cindy. She’ll inform you she has a new upgrade idea for your car. You’ll then get a new option in her menu, which will let you transform the vehicle.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though. The car can be used to run over enemies, but this will damage it. Don’t let your durability reach zero, or you’ll be stuck. Same goes for gas – the game warns you that the Type-D is too heavy to push, so you’ll need to watch your fuel gauge. It will be in auto-driving mode while in outposts and settlements, but once you leave, you’ll be free to drive wherever you like. It can even cross shallow bodies of water – if you run into a deep one, the game will automatically send you back to dry land.

The car has the ability to jump, although it’s on a short cooldown, so you won’t be able to jump all the time. Your companions will react to jumping by taking pictures, giving you the thumbs up or high-fiving each other. There’s a “big jump” score meter, which rewards you with points after you jump high enough.