Pokemon GO Raid Battle Level Requirement Lowered

The newly-added Pokemon GO Raid Battles can be fairly difficult to pull off. Trainers have to fight against fairly powerful Pokemon, even at the lowest tier. For that reason, Niantic initially barred Raid Battles from trainers below level 35. Since then, they gradually lowered the level requirement, and now, level 25 trainers and above can participate in the Raids.

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Pokemon GO Raid Battle Level Requirement Lowered
Pokemon GO Raid Battle Level Requirement Lowered

The latest Pokemon GO update brought a ton of new features to the game. Mainly, it completely reworked how Gyms work from the ground up. It also added a whole new gameplay element – the Raid Battles. These pit trainers against some very powerful Pokemon; some of which require six or more trainers working together. For more information about Raids, check out our Pokemon GO Raid Battle Tiers, Bosses & DPS Counters Breakdown article.

Since the Raid Battle bosses are fairly powerful Pokemon, Niantic imposes a level requirement for trainers that want to participate. At first, only trainers level 35 and above could take part in the raids. In the meantime, they dropped the level requirement down to level 25 and over. Niantic announced this over the official Pokemon GO Twitter account:

So, trainers, if you’re level 25 and above, you can now take a crack at the Raid Battles and earn some hefty XP bonuses and rare items. Lower-level players will still get notifications of nearby raids, even though they can’t participate. For those that can take part, be sure to have Pokemon that are around 100% CP. Some of the boss Pokemon you’ll encounter will absolutely require another trainer if you’re not close to level 30, so be careful out there.

As for the update itself, dataminers have immediately started digging through the code, and they found traces of Legendary Pokemon. They don’t appear to be in the game just yet, but we can assume that it’s now only a matter of time.

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