Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Fan Appreciation Special Movie Released

FFXV Kingsglaive Fan Appreciation Special Movie was released by Square Enix as a thank-you for all of the fans of the movie. Within this short video, you’ll see the monster Ultros chasing the less scary and cartoonish Malboro-kun. Their chase gets stopped by the person who will seal both of their fates. Although it is only around two minutes long, everything around FFXV is always welcome.

At the start of the video, we see contours of a man that has a stylish sense of fashion. He’s wearing a Malboro-kun shirt. Shortly after, we see Malboro-kun being chased by the large Ultros.

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The stylishly dressed man appears to be a cook that writes down the ingredients needed for his dishes. Ultros appears to be a great source of nutrition due to its large size.

If you don’t think that the cooks bother too much with the preparation of your food, you would be wrong with this one. At the end, Ultros dies and sparks a glorious tentacle rain.

As for the fate of little Malboro-kun, we can only guess it is not bright. The video ends with a shot on the dish itself. Malboro-kun is most likely part of the recipe. But we can hope it is not so. Malboro-kun signs are not only on the cook’s shirt, but also on his bracelet. Does it mean he is only a great admirer of this species or there is something more to it? Something like a Malboro-kun fanbase dinner? That would be horrible.

The song in the trailer is called “Calling for Rain”. It is a theme from the KINGSGLAIVE Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack. It was composed by Neo Liu and Tu Hua Bing. It is the ninth song from the first disc of the movie’s soundtrack. The reason why it was used here, aside from being awesome, might lie near the end of the video. This is where the cook drops down from the sky and gets showered by a rain of tentacles.

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