FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Closed Online Test Release Date

The Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion, called Comrades, is now holding a closed online test. In order to be eligible for it, you’ll need a Season Pass, and a PlayStation Plus or an Xbox Live Gold membership. It is projected to take place from August 3rd to 8th, 2017. The official release date for its full version is still unknown.

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FFXV Multiplayer Expansion Comrades Closed Online Test
FFXV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Closed Online Test

In the closed online test, players will get to experience some elements of the upcoming multiplayer expansion. With up to three more players, you can take your custom created avatar on multiplayer quests. Noctis and his comrades will be playable later on, just not now.

Some of the things you can do here were revealed in the multiplayer expansion details. The expansion includes up to eight playable characters and their avatars. The test takes place in an outpost, as you head to finish one of the three quests in order to earn meteor shards, prepare meals, equip different outfits and weapons.

Since this is just a test, it will be limited and not as rich as the full version. For example, you can’t play as the main characters of FFXV, Noctis and his friends. There will be four avatar outfits during the test, with more to come for the full version, where you can even purchase them at an outpost or get them as quest rewards. The weapons during the test for are limited to the katana, club, dagger and shuriken, while in the full one, you’ll get to use a polearm, crossbow, and shield weapons.

One of the interesting features is the ability to interact with other people in FFXV. This is made possible with preset chat messages and voice chat in the test version. Some of the features, like the ability to make camps with friends, customizing chat messages, and more, will be left out for now.

The news about the online multiplayer go way back to October 27th, 2016. It was announced during the Paris Game Week by Hajime Tabata the director of FFXV. Even back then, it was announced that the multiplayer expansion will come last, after all three companion DLCs.

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