Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Coming Fall 2017

Final Fantasy XV won’t be coming on Nintendo Switch anytime soon, but you it will be available on mobile devices instead. The launch of this pocket version is planned for later this year. The pocket edition will be available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices.

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This version will let the users experience the main story already present on consoles and in the upcoming PC edition. Players will get to relive the story in a way suited to mobile phones, with a new art style and casual touch controls that are optimized for their devices.

The story featured in this edition will be told across ten episodes. The first episode will be free for everyone. The next nine episodes will be sold for money, and will become available on the first day as well. We expect that the first episode will cover the events featured in the Judgment Disc Demo, the one that went live on consoles late last year. It basically covered the story up to the point where Noctis and his gang found out about the recent events in Insomnia.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Announced
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Announced

Looking at the trailer, we get the feeling that it’s actually a fun little game to play. It is funny to see some of our favorite characters in these new skins. The sounds are taken from the console version, and they make it feel weird on occasion. I’ll admit it destroyed some of my good memories, together with the confusion about the new look.

Same goes for the quests, they are literally the same – cleaning the pests and fighting the Bloodhorn, Chocobo races, relaxing at the camp, cooking your favorite Flame-Roasted Toast meal, leveling system and everything else. Since the first episode will be free, it is worth a try at least. It’s just… odd.

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