Final Fantasy XV Wait Mode Detailed

Square Enix have released a video which details the Wait Mode in Final Fantasy XV. The trailer takes place in the midst of several combat situations, showing how the turn-based mode will help you give out orders.

You’ll have to enable the mode in the options screen before you can use it. Then, after you do, you’ll be able to pause combat whenever you want, and issue orders to the prince and his posse. Once you enter wait mode, time freezes while you plan out and execute your moves. Keep in mind, you can’t pause indefinitely – there’s a timer for each pause, which forces you to still be quick on your feet.

It makes casting spells much more precise, since you don’t have to aim in a bind – instead pausing the combat and taking your time. When fighting large enemies, you can aim for certain body parts, instead of the enemy as a whole. As the developers say: “With Wait Mode, any player can fight like a pro!”.

Final Fantasy XV is going to launch on September 30th, on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. There’s no word on a possible PC port yet, but hopefully that will change as the release date nears.

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