Final Fantasy XV MMORPG Is in Development, But Only for Smartphones

Final Fantasy XV was miles better than XIII and one of the best RPGs of 2016. Its PC port is, honestly, one of the best Japanese game ports, alongside the excellent Yakuza PC ports. The game received Pocket Edition in 2018, which launched for virtually every major gaming platform, including the iOS and Android. The game will now receive an MMO version, but this one will come only for mobile devices. This isn’t surprising since the mobile gaming market is extremely lucrative, especially for mobile editions of popular PC and console games. This is especially true for China, which makes the majority of the huge Asian mobile games market. And well, we already have the excellent Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re into Final Fantasy do try the Shadownbringers expansion, it’s amazing.

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Final Fantasy XV MMORPG is set to launch first in China, global release to follow

As Kotaku East reports, Square Enix hired two developer studios to work on the Final Fantasy XV MMORPG title. The first studio is JSC Games located in South Korea. The second is the Chinese GAEA Mobile. The game is set to release in China first with a worldwide release expected at a later date. What’s interesting is that the game is in the works for a few years already. Despite this, we still don’t have any trailers of screenshots.

As for the story and setting, the game is set in the same world as Final Fantasy XV and it starts just after Noctis and his entourage begin their epic journey. You can expect large, open-world regions, like in a full-fledged PC and console MMO. Further, the game is to feature experience similar to its bigger cousin but of course suited for touch controls. The firm release date is still unknown, but we can expect a trailer for the game in the first part of 2020.



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