Final Fantasy 15 Soundtrack Available on iTunes and Google Play

The original soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV has finally been made available for purchase. You can snag it from either iTunes or the Google Play store. If you’re not going to listen to it on your phone, it probably makes no difference, since both stores offer roughly the same quality.

final fantasy xv soundtrack itunes google play
Final Fantasy 15 Soundtrack

Getting the OST on one of these stores is great if you’re going to listen to in on your phone, but not much else. There’s also the option to buy only the songs you like and skip over the rest, which is kinda useful. If you intend to listen to the soundtrack on any half decent audio setup (or, god forbid, hi-fi), you probably won’t settle for the quality on offer here.

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If that’s the case, you’d better head on to Square Enix’ online shop. You’ll find CD and Blu-ray versions of the OST on sale there – the former is $40, while the latter is $60. The blu-ray version seems to have the same audio quality as the CD one, but includes some video material as well. It’s a bit pricey, but there’s no denying the quality. Sadly, there’s no way to just buy losless digital versions of the tracks – if you insist on high quality audio, you’ll have to make do with one of the physical editions.

If the game ever ends up on PC, there’s a chance the OST will be on sale on Steam as well, but that’s just wishful thinking at this point. For now, the options above are all you’ve got. If you’re not into collecting, you could listen to it on YouTube for all eternity, provided you’re not constrained by a data cap. Or you could fire up the game and let it do its thing, with the added bonus of having older FF soundtracks available as well.

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