FFXV Friendly Match - How to Defeat Noctis - A New Protagonist Trophy

Friendly Match is a side quest in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis. As the name suggests, it’s about a friendly bout, and the main actors are Noctis and Ignis. You and other you. Except Noctis isn’t stops being friendly when he starts losing, so it can be a really tough trial. If you manage to get rank A+ in this fight, you’ll unlock the A New Protagonist trophy. In this guide, we’re going to give you tips that should help you defeat Noctis and complete FFXV Episode Ignis Friendly Match.

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ffxv friendly match how to defeat noctis a new protagonist trophy
FFXV Friendly Match – How to Defeat Noctis – A New Protagonist Trophy

How to defeat Noctis in Episode Ignis?

During the first phase of the fight, play aggressively. Stay close to Noct and spam him with basic attacks. Use the opportunity to fill up your tech bar – you’ll need it later. Make good use of counter-attacks, they’re important here. Use the grappling hook to follow him around when he teleports away.

Once the second phase starts, he’ll get a bit angrier. Exercise caution – counter-attacks won’t do you much good here, so try not to get hit. When he casts a spell or uses the Armigers, you can dodge them by using your tech skills. They all have invincibility frames, which will help you avoid longer attacks. If you’re overwhelmed, use the grappling hook to escape and give yourself a breather.

When you see him trying to cast the Ring of Lucis spell, run towards him and unload everything you’ve got. If he manages to cast it, he’ll kill you in one shot, but you can interrupt him. If you see Ravus appear, that means you’re past the 15 minute mark, and you won’t get the desired rating. You probably won’t make it on the first try, so make it a learning experience – study his attacks so you can better avoid or counter them next time.




  1. W
    William Krivickas

    Hey Pavle! Just to add to your great guide, Ravus SAVED MY BUTT. At the 15 min mark, as you stated, Ravus came in and this was when I had just used all of my last healing items and had Noctis down to 10%. Honestly, I was going to restart but told myself, why not, may as well see it through (this was my 5th attempt). Ravus and I tag teamed him until I was down to my last bit of health, and I was running away when Ravus hit Noctis, dealing 1.6k damage. Noctis dies as I’m one hit myself, and I got 908,536 points, meaning JUST BARELY ENOUGH to get the A+ rating! I couldn’t believe it. Anyways, thought I would add that because it is possible as in my case.

  2. T

    Same thing happened to me William.
    I was fighting hit pretty quickly then Ravus showed up at the last bit. I was gonna restart but I figured I’d better just finish it. I’d tried 3 times before this. Ravus and I hit him for the last bit of health, me using the TC to lower his health enough. I finished in I think 9 minutes, which I thought was wrong cause you said he shows at 15, but it said 9 minutes at the finish. So it is possible to get the trophy even when Ravus shows up. Just finish the fight every time If you can. Also, use the TC to get health back instead of a healing item when in danger.

  3. L

    Just wanted to point out that an A+ rating is possible with Ravus coming in at 10 minutes as he did with my victory run. Mastering the counter worked perfectly. I was in his face the whole time talking hits, still got a 1.1M+ score. It was a whole lot of hold circle, get hit, hit square, hold circle.

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