For Honor Dedicated Server Open Tests Begin For All

Ubisoft is opening the first of open tests of For Honor dedicated servers. Those that want to participate will be able to play Duel Tribute, and Dominion PVP modes, and earn some in-game rewards. The developers encourage players to report any errors and problems they come across.

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For Honor Dedicated Server Open Tests Begin For All
For Honor Dedicated Server Open Tests Begin For All

A full five months after Ubisoft first announced the idea of dedicated servers for For Honor, the first open tests begin. Starting on December 14th at 1 PM UTC, and ending on December 18th at 1 AM UTC, everybody will be able to give the dedicated serves a spin. Of course, since this is the first test, participants can expect to encounter a whole host of problems. The developers encourage everyone to report every single error the come across.

Those who do take part in the testing can earn a bunch of different rewards, including an “exclusive emblem symbol”, and other stuff, by completing daily and community orders. For more info on that, check out the announcement post on the For Honor website. But, what exactly will you be able to do in the Open Test? Well, there’ll be three PVP game modes on offer: Duel, Dominion, and Tribute. You’ll also have access to all heroes from the game, including DLC ones, for 1 Steel a pop. However, no progression during the tests will carry over into the main game.

Accessing the open tests is pretty simple. Fire up whatever your gaming platform of choice is, search “For Honor – Free Open Test”, and start the download. Once the whole thing is done, just hit “Start”. The addition of dedicated servers this late in the game’s life is a pretty strange move. That being said, considering how heavily For Honor has been hemorrhaging players, it might be the right move. It just might bring some old players back, and maybe even some new ones.

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