Final Fantasy XV Getting Four More DLCs in 2019

Square Enix has announced yet more DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV. Four more, to be exact: Ardyn, Aranea, Luna, and Noctis. All four will come out in the first half of 2019. The first one will launch in early 2019, and the last will release some time in late spring.

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Final Fantasy XV Getting Four More DLCs in 2019
Final Fantasy XV Getting Four More DLCs in 2019

There’s just no end in sight for Final Fantasy XV. There’s absolutely nothing final about it. Now that we have that obvious joke out of the way, we can resume in peace. During this year’s PAX East, Square Enix has announced that they’re planning to release four more DLC episodes for FFXV next year, over the course of its first half. The first one will come out some time in early 2019, and the rest will come out one by one until the end of spring.

According to Square’s presentation at PAX (via Eurogamer), the four DLC episodes will be Episode Ardyn, Episode Aranea, Episode Luna, and Episode Noctis. Episode Ardyn, titled “The Conflict of the Sage”, seems the most interesting to me. It will detail the struggles of Ardyn, which will flesh out the story of how he became the demented villain we know over the course of two thousand years. Episode Aranea, aka “The Beginning of the End”, shows the events of the Starscourge from the perspective of Niflheim, which is also kinda cool. Luna’s episode, “The Choice of Freedom”, will chronicle Luna’s destiny, and maybe give players a reason to actually care about her. Lastly, we have Episode Noctis, “The Final Strike”. This will tell the story of Noctis leaving the Astrals and go fight one final battle for the future of his people. Totally and for realsies final this time!

And those of you that are enjoying the Comrades DLC, don’t you worry. As you can see in the image above, Square is planning to release a standalone version of Comrades this summer. According to Eurogamer, the character customization will carry over to the full version. Whether or not those of you that own the Comrades DLC will also have to purchase the full version remains to be seen.

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