The Forest Official PC Launch Date Finally Announced

The first-person survival horror game The Forest finally has a release date, four years since it first entered Early Access. The full game will launch on April 30th. It has all the usual survival game mechanics, plus a whole society of mutant cannibals to make things interesting.

The Forest Official PC Launch Date Finally Announced
The Forest Official PC Launch Date Finally Announced

So many games stay forever bogged down in the mire of Early Access. Luckily, it would seem that The Forest is not going to be one of them! After very nearly four years in Early Access, the first-person survival horror game finally has a launch date. The full launch will be on April 30th, when The Forest will finally see version 1.0. The gaming landscape has changed dramatically since the game first hit Early Access, and I’m wondering how well it will do. The Forest does have its loyal fan base, some of which have been around since the beginning, so I’m not overly worried. Plus, it has a pretty high score on Steam.

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For those of you that haven’t heard of The Forest, here’s the general gist of it. Your character’s plane crashes into the eponymous forest, and you have to survive. You must scavenge resources, such as food and materials. You can build a base of operations as well as weapons and tools, and explore the open world. However, the forest is not uninhabited. On the contrary, there’s a whole society of mutant cannibals that will make things very difficult. At night, you have to defend your base with weapons and traps that you can lay to protect your perimeter.

There are some features in The Forest that I find kinda interesting. For one, plants can regrow, so you can revisit locations that you’ve previously exhausted of resources to gather more. The second one is the fact that the mutant cannibals have a society. They “have beliefs, families, morals and… appear almost human.” So, if this kind of game appeals to you, you might want to check The Forest out. Its current price on Steam sits at $15.

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