Hajime Tabata on the future of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV was a long awaited sequel of one of the most iconic series in the history of gaming. The troubled history of its inception has been covered many times over, and this is a short overview of what was recently said about its future.

final fantasy xv vr sections announced
It would appear that Prompto will not be using his PS VR for the foreseeable time ahead.

The man who took over FFXV in 2012 (at the time still known as the spin-off, Versus XIII) and managed to get it into shape, Hajime Tabata, talked recently to Polygon about what he feels should and will be next in line for FFXV. One of the first things mentioned is multiplayer, which is still hidden under some red tape as Tabata says: “There are a lot of things I can’t really say about the multiplayer future just yet, but it will tie into the game — the main game — at some point in the story.”

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We wrote recently about Tabata discussing PC port possibility for FFXV, and he confirms that they are experimenting with technology and that PC version might be something to do in the future, however, he concludes that they “have been experimenting with different ideas for new applications of tech. If we find something we like, well, maybe we’ll have news to announce.”

VR was also on the menu, since it was one of the things touted in the pre-release period, however, it would seem that FFXV team doesn’t want to do VR just for the sake of it, but actually create a meaningful experience. There is some hesitation apparent: “We want to take our time and really figure out what direction we want to take it in before just throwing something out there.”

Tabata has a long history of working on handheld titles and he also mentions that Switch is intriguing. “It’s accomplishing three tasks in one machine. It’s kind of like the dream machine.” No words on FFXV appearing on it, though.

The interview ends with Tabata musing on the future of gaming, stating that cloud technology and touch screens are probably the way of the future, the former allowing you to play anywhere on anything, and the latter being the preferred choice of control for new generations who grew up with it.

You can read the interview with Hajime Tabata in more detail on Polygon.

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