How to Start FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC

Episode Gladiolus DLC for FFXV is the first paid story DLC for the game. It focuses on the adventures of Gladiolus after the party’s defeat by the hands of Ravus. FFXV fans have been waiting for this DLC for a long time, but some have been having trouble getting the DLC. In this guide, we’ll show you how to access Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus DLC.

How to Start FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC
How to Access FFXV Episode Gladiolus DLC

How to download Episode Gladiolus DLC

To access Episode Gladiolus, you’ll have to download it from your respective store. If you have the season pass, you won’t have to pay anything extra. If not, then the DLC will cost you an additional $4.99. The file is about 2.8 GB, and you’ll find it in the downloadable content section of the game’s store page.

How to Download FFXV DLC Episode Gladiolus

In case you can’t seem to access the content in your PlayStation or Xbox store, it might mean that it hasn’t yet unlocked in your region. This particularly goes for North America, who appear to be getting the DLC last. Be patient, and don’t forget to make sure to have enough free space for the DLC on your hard drive.

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How to Play Episode Gladiolus FFXV DLC

Once you’ve completed the download, open the game and select the Downloadable Content option in the main menu. It will lead you into the next menu, and all you need to do know is select Episode Gladiolus. Presumably, this is where the future DLC episodes will appear once they come out.

One thing that some might find disappointing is that nothing carries over from the main game. No matter how far you’ve leveled Gladiolus up or how many outfits you have, it won’t count in the DLC. Instead, you’ll have to make do with a level 24 Gladiolus (the default level you start the DLC with), and your weapon will out of the gate will be the Claymore. Also, your outfit choices will be limited to the Crownsguard Fatigues, and you can only switch between the versions with and without the jacket.

While this might disappoint some players, it kinda does make sense to start off with a weaker Gladio, considering Episode Gladiolus happens earlier in the game. Either way, I’m sure all will enjoy the extra DLC content, following Gladio on his journey to become more powerful.

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  1. L

    I was able to download and install this dlc but it doesn’t load! When I try to start it all I see is a black screen with the the (empty) loading bar and it keep loading but nothing happen

    1. G

      Same? Were you able to find a solution?

      1. N

        Same problem i have,infinite loading,any solutions?

    2. G

      This is a huge game breaker. I have the same issue. Square Enix better fix it or they will lose fans

  2. R

    ya i have the same prob it just loads and loads and LOADS thats all

  3. B

    Do you need the dlc to play the proper ff or not if not I’m not gonna buy it

  4. J

    Everytike i select DLC from the main menu, I keep getting “this content cannot be selected at this time”. Even though I already downloaded it.

    1. B

      It’s under “Special”

      1. G

        No, it’s under Downloadable Content. Only thing under Special is Chapter 13: Verse 2

    2. S

      I can’t even download it. It just says can’t be accessed at this time.

    3. J

      @Jett i had the same problem but I just loaded the regular game and went back to title screen and it worked

  5. A

    I also keep getting the “this content cannot be selected at this time.” I mean yeah I figured checking it by midnight was too soon, but I feel like they’ve had more than enough time to make the game available to American players. So is it actually not coming out today in the US or is something wrong..?

  6. K

    Just so everyone knows, because I had problems with it too at first. The episode won’t show up under DLC until you’ve downloaded it from the PlayStation Store. If you have the season pass, you still have to download it from the store.

  7. K

    I beat it in like 20mins then at the end it says ‘Episode Gladius now available’ It felt like i was playing a demo. There are new trophies too Im so confused..

    1. G

      What you played was not the DLC, it was a special episode that is not a part of Episode Gladiolus.

  8. G

    Everybody, here is how I personally fixed it. I went to FF VX and scrolled down to addons. I didn’t even uninstall the DLC, I just clicked the download button and it reinstalled it again automatically. After that it loaded. Hope this works for you.

    1. A

      I don’t even have the ad-on thing under FFXV, but the episode definitely downloaded. I don’t know what to do

  9. M
    Matthew Spriggs

    Hello lol everybody the dlc is under special after downloaded not loadd from download to play ok, go to special click asks you if want play select yes ok

  10. S

    i rest playstation then it came up after boot

  11. A

    Do i must update for the last version on ff xv ? I already download it. But in my ff menu, thats not downloadable content. What should i do ?

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