Judgment Trailer for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV released the Judgment trailer for the upcoming sequel of the most anticipated game of the year. The trailer is found at the end of the demo that is currently available on the Japanese PlayStation Network.
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Free download is available to anyone who has a Japan PSN account. The trailer is captured in 1080p HD on PlayStation Pro, so even the graphics look a bit more detailed. See below what else you can expect from this title. The trailer features some scenes that we haven’t had a chance to see before, so watch out if you’re plan is to go into the game without knowing too much.

Note: This is the Japanese version of the trailer. All the voices in this trailer are in Japanese. You’ll be able to change that in the final version of the game. You can turn on the English subtitles in the settings of the video..

Judgement demo gameplay and story

Although some say that it reveals too much of the game’s story (especially the final scenes in the King’s Throne), many people agree on one other thing – it asks so many more questions. Now that we saw it, we also have so many questions about what events are going to happen in the world of Eos.

We can see so many small details from the trailer. Some of them include the crystal above the throne, the weapons that we presume are actually the Old Kings spirits and the Astrals that are surrounding the Lucii palace. We have yet to see what roles Noctis and his close friends will have to play in the end.

If you have the chance, you should download and try the demo for yourself. The release of the full game is in less than 2 weeks and the amount of content in the demo alone can keep you busy for days.

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