New character renders for FFXV

Final Fantasy XV is being released in less than a month, and we are getting more and more information about this title. After Paris Games Week, we are treated to some new info again, as well as some pretty pictures.
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This time, we take a look at some of the FFXV new character renders.

Final Fantasy XV character renders

We have a chance to see some of the important people that Noctis will meet on his journey. Next to your companions in this game, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis, we will meet a variety of characters that will influence our heroes’ fates. Some of them are:

Cor Leonis – A long time king’s protector, he was in the service of King Regis for 30 years. He’s continued to serve under the Lucian Crownsguard. He will be a great ally in the field, as Noct and his best friends will have the chance to rely on his heroic abilities.Cid Sophiar – Cid operates the Hammerhead garage, and has been a long time friend of King Regis. Cid is the master mechanic. Beneath his grumpy surface, he is actualy a gentle and kind man.Cidney/Cindy Aurum – Cindy is the granddaughter of Cid, and she, like him, spends most of her time in the garage. She is also a mechanic and a person that Noct can rely on when he is on the road, driving with his friends in the Regalia.Iedolas Aldercapt – Emperor of Niflheim. Iedolas has launched an aggressive campaign so he could expand his territory. He has a superior airship and magitek armor technology that helped him achieve that. During the process, he offered a peace treaty, for reasons unknown.Ravus Nox Flueret – Ravus is Lunafreya’s brother. After the attack and occupation of Tenebrae, the town he spent most of the of his life in, he decides to join the Niflheim Imperial Army.Iris Amicitia – Gladiolus’ sister. She somehow managed to survive the attack of the Niflheim Empire, and now she lives in the city of Lestallum. Ever since she was a child, Noctis and Ignis were there by her side.

Source: Famitsu
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