Final Fantasy XV New Info And Wildlife Trailer

During the latest Active Time Report broadcast, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed some nuggets of info about the game, while playing through part of the demo. If you skip to 01:37:00, you can watch him play – there’s a bit of roaming around the wilderness, followed by clearing a dungeon.
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The demo won’t include the whole Duscae region, but only a small part of it. It also won’t include any bigger settlements, even though the game will have large, living cities. The whole game world is supposed to be ten times bigger than the Duscae region.

The Playstation 4 version of the demo won’t feature Share Play – the final game will, but they want to keep the demo exclusive. Broadcasting and uploading video will work just fine.

The combat system hasn’t been fully implemented – they’ve deliberately kept it quite basic for the demo, so they can gather feedback and act on it. There also won’t be any armor and accessories available until the game is out.

As for transportation, you’ll be able to drive a car on the road, while off-road adventures will have to rely on chocobos and such. There will also be trains, for long distance travel. The demo will have an experience cap at level 99, while the full game’s cap hasn’t been decided on yet.

The block system will be very direction-sensitive, and magic points will be used for blocking. This means you won’t be able to just hold the block button forever. The Phantom Swords will allow for a different type of block, one that doesn’t need magic points, but Tabata didn’t say anything further about it.

You won’t be able to customize the key bindings in the demo, because the team wants a single control scheme for feedback purposes. Control customization will be present in the full game. The demo still hasn’t gone gold, so lots of stuff is still subject to change.

Finally, Square Enix has released another trailer following the stream – in it, you can take a closer look at the flora and fauna of the Duscae region.

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