Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Overview Trailer Released

Square Enix has released an all-encompassing, eight-minute-long trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It shows fresh story bits, characters old and new, combat, the skill progression system and more.
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Long-standing Final Fantasy fans will feel right at home here, but newcomers to the series might be intimidated by the sheer number of characters, places and things happening. Basically, the Militesi Empire (the bad guys) got up in arms and decided to invade the Dominion of Rubrum (you). The Dominion’s first line of defence are Class Zero, fourteen Academia students with various skills and powers – they’re the ones you’ll have to take control of.

You’ll have to choose three students from the roster for every mission. At their disposal, they’ll have magic, weapons and Eidolons – mighty monsters they can summon to take their place in the battlefield. Collecting Phantoma from fallen enemies will allow you to upgrade your skills and abilities.

Traversing the world will be done either on foot, by using mounts such as Chocobos (which you can breed at the academy) or by airship. There also seems to be a strategic element to the game, with large scale battles giving you the chance to gain territory. The lead cadet will “command and assist” the troops in these clashes.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released on March 17th, on Xbox ONE and Playstation 4. Preorder and day one buyers will get access to an exclusive demo for the next FF game, called Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae.

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