Final Fantasy XV Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer Released

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. The latest video explains the key plot points, gives us more insight into the lives and motivations of the main characters, as well as showing off some new people, both in minor roles and those central to the story.

The trailer reveals that Noctis’ dad had sent him and his three friends away in order to protect them from an impending attack.
The king died during that same attack, and chancellor Izunia captured Lunafreya, a gifted Oracle and a good friend of Noctis. The young prince now must step up, protect the kingdom and rescue his loved one.

After helping us get acquainted with the plot, the video shows a montage of different ways to cross the vast land – a Chocobo ride down a highway (that must be dangerous), a sleek convertible/limo hybrid speeding by the coast, a speed boat on the open sea, a train leaving a station in the desert, and of course, the fabulous Regalia Type-F lifting off. The developers are trying very hard to convey that this is going to be a huge world.

It also shows several giant creatures, at least some of which will be available as summons after you get on their good side. There’s a sea snake, a stone gollem, a wizard with a golden staff, and some fairy folk.

Final Fantasy XV is supposed to launch on November 29th. It’s going to be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version still isn’t being mentioned at this point.

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