Final Fantasy XV Ultimania reveals new playable characters in future DLC

Final Fantasy XV released a new guidebook called Ultimania in Japan, and it reveals some very interesting information about the upcoming DLC, playable characters and a lot more. It seems like we will have some brand new playable characters in every upcoming downloadable content.

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Final Fantasy XV Ultimania reveals new playable characters in future DLC's
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The main heroine of the one of the available DLCs will be Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, also known as Luna. It seems that she will also be one of the playable characters. The other three possible playable characters are Cor Leonis, Aranea Highwind and Gladiolus’s younger sister, Iris Amicita.

Cor Leonis has appeared shortly as Noctis’s companion in Final Fantasy XV, also known as Marshal and Immortal Shogun, since he is the Commander of the Crownsguard. He dedicated his life to protect Lucis. Katanas are his weapons of choice.

Aranea Highwind appeared both as a boss and the group’s companion in the game. She is the captain of the Niflheim Empire’s Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit. The lance is her favorite weapon of choice in combat, and her heroic deeds made her a living legend.

Iris Amicitia, Noctis’s childhood friend and Gladiolus’s younger sister, also appeared on several occasions in the game.

The DLC will also have a new antagonist, and it looks like it will be Verstael Besithia. He is the researcher who developed the technology used to assemble Niflheim’s magitek infantry forces. He harvested energy from demons to create different types of weapons. It seems that Verstael is Prompto Argentum’s father.

Final Fantasy received great reviews from gamers all around the world, and the DLCs with new playable characters and new zones will make the game even better. The exact release date of the DLCs is still unknown, but we will definitely keep you posted as soon as we get any new piece of information.

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