Nioh Gesture Locations - How to Unlock Gesture Master Trophy

Nioh’s gestures have greater value than simple emotes. You can use gestures to discover shortcuts, avoid fights and more. The depth of the gesture system in Nioh is similar to the depth of all the other systems. Some of them can be bought, while others are found in various places. When you’ve found them all, you’ll unlock the Gesture Master trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Nioh gesture locations, how to unlock them.

Nioh Gesture Master 40 Gestures
Nioh gestures

How and when to use gestures in Nioh

Using gestures is pretty straightforward:

  • To open the Gestures tab, press the Options button on your controller. It will show you a grid with nine preset gestures.
  • They are separated into three groups of different colors: blue, yellow and red. Think of the blue as the positive ones, yellow as neutral and red as the negative gestures.
  • To use a gesture, choose the one you want and press “X” on your controller.
  • To change a specific gesture from the preset, choose the one you want to replace and press the switch mode button (triangle on controller). Select the one you want and confirm.

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Why are they so important? Throughout the game, you’ll find large chests with golden fittings. Some of them will have three (not two!) horizontal golden bars on each corner. Once you open the chest, a mirror image of yourself will appear in front of you. It will perform one of your gestures. If you repeat it, the doppelganger will rejoice and leave you a new gesture as a gift. Be aware that you need to repeat the same gesture shortly after, and of course, don’t attack him at first sight. If you fail to repeat his move, he will attack you. You can reset the fight by going to the nearest shrine and re-opening the chest later.

The other situation where gestures are really important has to do with mimicking stone walls. If you come close to them, you can see their eyes, and hear the soft breathing. You’ll have to perform a gesture of a certain color to remove the wall, or not fight it all. It’s not important which particular gesture you use, but what color it is. Some of the clues regarding the correct color can be found near the wall.

Gesture Vendors

This vendor shows up later on in the game. Once you open the Region map, click on the Starting Point and then the Hidden Teahouse option. Go to the Trade section and find the Gestures tab. You’ll need glory to buy them, which is earned mainly from multiplayer. You can also earn it by summoning other players or killing the ghosts that appear at red sword signs.

No.NameColorGlory Price
1.Tea TimeBlue1 300
2.At Your ServiceBlue4 300
3.ShiverYellow3 000
4.Sit Cross LeggedYellow3 400
5.HarakiriYellow5 200
6.Nioh “AH” PoseRed2 100
7.Nioh “UN” PoseRed2 100
8.Bring it On!Red3 510

How to unlock Gesture Master trophy

Gesture Master is a special silver trophy. In order to earn it, you’ll need to collect forty (40) gestures. Some of them are listed below. We’ll update the list as we get more info.

13.Oh No!Yellow
16.Point DownYellow
17.Point UpYellow
18.OverjoyedBlueMimic Chest
19.Point AheadYellow
20.This WayYellow
22.There, ThereYellow

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