Final Fantasy 16 Best Accessories

Knowing what the best Final Fantasy 16 accessories are can be valuable information. They can make farming for XP and AP easier, give you an edge in combat, and more. Obviously, your choice will depend on your gameplay preferences. Some accessories gel really well with certain skills, so if that’s the build you’re going for, use those. In this guide, though, we will list what the best FF16 accessories are universally, as well as how to get them. Let’s begin.

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final fantasy 16 best accessories
Final Fantasy 16 Best Accessories

Best Accessories in FF16

One of the best accessories in Final Fantasy 16 or FF16 is On Fortune and the Heavens. Its base form grants you 15% more XP, and you can upgrade it to 30% extra XP by combining two rings of the same type later on. This is probably the most universal accessory that any play style can get use out of. That’s not counting things like the Ring of Timely Evasion (you dodge automatically) and Ring of Timely Assistance (auto-assist), which lower the difficulty of combat significantly. We won’t focus on those here.

The other accessory is pretty much up to you. Our recommendations would be the Genji Gloves (5% extra Damage), Dire Wolf Jess (5% extra Combo Damage), or The Wages of Warcraft (grants 20% extra AP, making it great for AP farming). Feel free to share which Accessories you prefer in the comments.

Where to Find On Fortune and the Heavens and Genji Gloves in Final Fantasy 16

Now that we know what the best accessories in FF16 or Final Fantasy 16 are (according to us), lets find out where to find some of them. You can get the On Fortune and the Heavens from Charon’s Toll, which is a shop in The Hideaway. As for the Genji Gloves, you can pick them up as a reward from The Patron’s Whisper (also in The Hideaway) for reaching 2365 Renown.

As for Dire Wolf Jess, it becomes available at The Patron’s Whisper after you hit 295 Renown, making it a pretty good early option. Last, but not least, The Wages of Warcraft can be bought from Charon’s Toll. And that’s about all we’ve got for this guide. Feel free to check out some of our other FF16 guides if something else is giving you trouble.

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