Final Fantasy 16 Best Starting Weapons

Want to know what the best starting weapons in Final Fantasy 16 are? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Obviously, your mileage may vary; perhaps a weapon we consider to be really good might not appeal to you for whatever reason. However, we do believe that the items we list below are really good choices to go with. So, let’s go over some of the best starting weapons in FF16.

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final fantasy 16 best starting weapons
Final Fantasy 16 Best Starting Weapons

Best Starting Weapons in FF16

The first three best starting weapons in Final Fantasy 16 or FF16, for us, are the Longsword (95 Damage), the Bastard Sword (110 Damage), and Stormcry (135 Damage). I say this because you unlock access to all three by completing the main quest called The Wages of Guilt. You can either craft or purchase them in the Hideaway (with the exception of Stormcry, which I believe can only be crafted). Next up, we have the Invictus, which deals 165 Damage and you get it automatically after you finish the Holding On main quest. Then there’s the Coral Sword (185 Damage). You can get it from a chest in the Crystals’ Curse main quest. You can find the sword in a chest right after fighting a bunch of enemies and just before you go through a grate. The chest will be to the right of the grate.

Next on our “list” of the best starting weapons in Final Fantasy 16 or FF16 is the Enhancer, which you can craft after you complete the Out of the Shadow quest. Yes, that comes later in the main quest sequence, but if you’re not doing side quests (and seeing how you kinda have to beat the game twice), it can still count as a starting weapon. Same goes for the Ancient Sword (252 Damage), for which we have a separate guide. Long story short, you can find it during the Live and Let Live side quest, which unlocks after you do the Blood from the Stones sub-mission in the Onward main quest.

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