Final Fantasy 16 Best Vambraces Locations

Want to know what are the best vambraces in FF16? We’ve got you covered! The next iteration of FF16 sees some drastic changes compared to the previous titles. Switch to a single character and action fast-paced combat are arguably the two biggest gameplay changes. This guide explains where to find the best Final Fantasy 16 vambraces locations.

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Final Fantasy 16 Best Vambraces Locations
Final Fantasy XVI Best Vambraces Locations

What Are the Best Vambraces in Final Fantasy 16

While different in many ways compared to its predecessors, Final Fantasy 16 fundamentally remains an RPG game. And what’s an action RPG without armor items? Although, Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t exactly offer much in this department. Unlike in many RPG titles, in FFXVI, you can only change two types of protective gear: Belts and Vambraces. Given their importance for your defence, finding the best pieces of equipment as early as possible is essential. So, what are the best vambraces in FF16, and where to find them? The two best vambraces in Final Fantasy 16 are:

  • The Founder’s Grasp (94 Defense / 50 Health)
  • The Sons of Ouroboros (97 Defense / 32 Health)

Unfortunately, vambraces in FF16 don’t have some unique effects or interesting twists on them. They simply improve and boost your defensive stats (Defense and Health). Hence, there isn’t really any science behind deciding which ones are the best. Those who provide the best stats are simply the optimal choice. The Sons of Ouroboros has the best Defense bonus out of all vambraces in the game. You will be able to craft it in The Hideaway once you complete the “Things Fall Apart” main story quest.

On the other hand, the Founder’s Grasp provides slightly lesser Defense stats, but it comes with a significantly bigger health boost. Hence, it is arguably the best vambrace in FF16. You will be able to obtain it via the “There’s A Will” side quest, given by Joshua in the Hideway, unlocked during the “Back to Their Origin” main quest.

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