Chocobo Mount Final Fantasy 16

While each Final Fantasy game is standalone and takes place in a different setting, with different characters and gameplay systems, there are several recurring notions that carry from one game to another across the series. One of these is the Chocobo. A large bird-like creature, Chocobos function a lot like horses do in our world. That is, the Chocobo is a mount that you can use to quickly get around. Since the game worlds of FF games can be quite large, it’s good to have a Chocobo for quick transportation. The Chocobo Mount is also present in Final Fantasy 16, but you won’t have access to it right from the start of the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can unlock the Chocobo Mount in FF16.

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Chocobo Mount Final Fantasy 16
Chocobo Mount Final Fantasy 16

How to Get Chocobo Mount in Final Fantasy 16

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you won’t get a Chocobo at the very beginning of the game. So don’t be surprised that you are starting Final Fantasy XVI without it. But don’t worry – you won’t need to spend too much time before you obtain your very own Chocobo Mount. Note that, while there are many wild Chocobos roaming about in the game, you need a specific Chocobo. You can unlock the Chocobo in question from “The White-Winged Wonder” side quest.

You will get this side quest during “The Gathering Storm” Main Quest, right after you do the “Release” Sub-Quest. It starts at Martha’s Rest. The quest itself is very touching, so we don’t want to spoil too much here. Suffice to say that, at the end of it, you will get your very own FF16 Chocobo Mount. You can summon it by holding down the right stick. Finally, note that you won’t be able to summon it in areas such as Towns.

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