Final Fantasy 16 Custom Controller Layout, Change Controls FF16

Is there a way to have a custom controller layout in Final Fantasy 16? The latest Final Fantasy game is an action jRPG game with a lot of hack-and-slashing. Hence, it will require speedy reflexes and timely reactions. And for that, many players will want to customise the FF16 control layout. Here’s how to can change controls in Final Fantasy XVI.

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Final Fantasy 16 Custom Controller Layout, How to Change Controls in FF16
Final Fantasy XVI Custom Controller Layout

How to Change Controls in Final Fantasy 16, Customise Controller Layout in FF16

Final Fantasy 16 continues along the beaten track of the most recent Final Fantasy games. We’re talking about the switch to the action-focused combat we’ve seen in FF15 and FF7 Remake. However, in FFXVI, this goes several steps further. Namely, this is a fully-fledged action RPG. Hence, a series once known for its tactical turn-based gameplay will now require sharp reflexes and good muscle memory. And for that, many players will want to change FF16 controller settings and customise the layout of controls. That’s natural, as different players prefer different layouts for input controls in a fast-paced action game. So, can you change controls in Final Fantasy XVI? Well, the answer is yes and no.

You will be able to change your FF16 controller layout by going into the Main menu, then Systems, and then selecting the Controller icon. However, the bad news is that you won’t be able to freely customise your Final Fantasy 16 control layout. You are only able to choose one of the three offered preset options. It is unfortunate for a game focused on fast-paced action not to have controller layout customisation. That’s certainly something many players would appreciate. Luckily, that doesn’t seem like something particularly hard to add. Hence, hopefully, Square Enix will see that players want an option to customise the FF16 controller layout and will add it in one of the future updates.

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    Eric C.

    Agreed! made it a full action game is already hard for RPG players, customization is really needed. if they really can make that update, I will buy the game 🙂

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