FFXIV Fashion Report Elite Force Exhibitionist

This week’s FFXIV Fashion Report is the Elite Force Exhibitionist brief. The FFXIV fashion report is a weekly task held at the Golden Saucer. If you visit the Masked Rose, he will deliver the task. The aim is to wear clothes that match his brief, then do a fashion report to win prizes. Below, we discuss the best clothing for this week’s Fashion Report Elite Force Exhibitionist brief.

FFXIV Fashion Report Elite Force Exhibitionist
FFXIV Fashion Report Elite Force Exhibitionist

Your score from the Masked Rose will depend upon how well you have matched. The higher the score, the bigger the prizes are that you will get. To assist, you will get a series of clues. The first is the overall theme. He will then break it down into smaller areas of the body, such as headwear, boots, and such forth.

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You can either take a guess at what to wear or search online. Many people in the community will have tried out items and they will post them to help you along. Some clues even come from previous fashion reports, so you can use ones that worked there as well. 

Chapeau du Choice is this week’s clue for Elite Force Exhibitionist headwear. Berets are the go-to here. The Green Beret from the Glamor Unlock quest scores highly. Other than that, Velveteen, Woolen, and any Sergeant’s Beret will work.

Star Studded is the brief for legs. Scouting, Ramie Trousers of Striking, Picaroons Trousers of Maiming may work. As the brief suggests, anything studded or with stars.

The feet are titled ‘You’re So Whisperfine’. This indicates Whisperfine Boots, though they may be hard to get. Silky Wool (Laine Soyeuse) could be a lower-scoring substitute.

The earring is ‘The Son’. The Son (Le Fils) is the best choice. If not, then Midas, Prototype, or Midian Ring of XXX are an option. This makes this week’s fashion report Elite Force Exhibitionist challenge much more specific than previous ones.

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