NBA 2k22 Rec Not Working

Many people are reporting that The Rec is not working in NBA 2k22. This seems to be a new problem and has occurred in the last few days. When people try to use the game mode, the rec logo simply spins and does not let them play. Others have also noted this is happening in park games and pro-am. We discuss how to get around the rec not working problem in NBA 2k22.

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NBA 2k22 Rec Not Working
NBA 2k22 Rec Not Working

NBA 2K22 Rec Not Working Bug Fix

Rec is a social mode in the game and as such, needs a good internet connection. If you can’t get onto it, the first step is to check your own internet. Make sure the connection to the router from the console is solid. After this, check the speed and efficiency of your own internet. You could try launching another game to use the internet and see how that fares.

Another simple fix is to restart the game. We don’t mean to insult your intelligence here. However, it has been reported as a fix for many people and may get you back online.

Finally, make sure you have updated and installed any patches. There have been a lot of problems with NBA 2k22 and a lot of fixes. Most games will update automatically, but it is not always the case. Head over to the games store on your platform and download any updates you may not have. You can then restart the game.

2K Official Response Rec Not Working

The official 2K ticket response is to visit play now and wait at the menu. If you don’t play a game, it will refresh and give any updates. Rec and park should work. At the time of writing this is untested, so let us know in the comments if it worked for you.

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