How to Run Fast Final Fantasy 16 Sprint Guide

It can often be easy to downplay the importance of movement in video games. But even though we usually don’t think about it, moving is one of the key gameplay features in just about any game. And few things are as frustrating as slow movement speed. In fact, typically whenever possible, we try to run as fast as the character possibly can as to save precious time getting from one interesting spot to another in the game. Final Fantasy XVI is no different in this regard. But running works a bit differently than it does in most other games of this type. So if you were wondering how to run fast in Final Fantasy 16, our sprint guide is here to show you how to increase running speed in FF16.

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How to Run Fast Final Fantasy 16 Sprint Guide
How to Run Fast Final Fantasy 16 Sprint Guide

How to Run Fast in FF16

First things first, you need to be aware that there is no dedicated button your can press (or hold down) that is going to make Clive Rosfield sprint. However, this does not mean that sprinting isn’t possible, only that it does not function as one might expect. So let’s break it down. To run fast, all that you need to do is to push the stick forward. After a while (about 10 seconds or so), you will start sprinting.

Though, you need to be aware that this won’t work in every area in the game. As far as we can tell, the only places where this is possible to do are wide open areas. Meaning that you won’t be able to pull this off in towns and other such places. Of course, the best way to get around the game is the classic Final Fantasy means of transportation – riding atop a Chocobo. Here’s how you can get your very own Chocobo Mount in FF16.

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    It’s so incredibly annoying NOT having a dedicated button to run. It’s so bad from a game design standing point. Having to wait about 10 seconds before Clive starts running is extremely infuriating, and I’ve also run into the problem of sometimes not wanting to run, because I’m just looking around, and suddenly Clive starts running like a freaking moron and get’s past where I was looking. Running also feels quite floaty, but that’s the lesser issue. It’s just so dumb that it makes me wonder if really none of the play testers pointed out that as an issue when testing the game. It’s a little thing that frustrates me SO much. I wish that they at least would have added an option to get a dedicated button if we so wished for it.

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