Orichalcum Locations Final Fantasy 16

Finding out where to find Orichalcum locations in Final Fantasy 16 is necessary if you want to craft the Gotterdammerung weapon (and the Half Past Twilight achievement/trophy). You need three Orichalcum, and in this guide, we are going to show you how to get Oricalcum in Final Fantasy XVI, or FF16. The blueprint for the weapon unlocks after you finish the four Blacksmith’s Blues side quests, by the way.

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orichalcum locations final fantasy 16
Orichalcum Locations Final Fantasy 16

Where to Find Orichalcum Locations in Final Fantasy XVI

To find the locations of Orichalcum in Final Fantasy XVI, or FF16, you have to look for them in Notorious Marks side quests (or Hunts, if you will). Three of these monsters drop the material, as far as we know. Do not ever sell any Orichalcum, or any other materials necessary to craft the Gotterdammerung (also requires 2x Darksteel and 1x Primitive Battlehorn).The first one is The Breaker Of Worlds, also known as Atlas. This Hunt unlocks during the main quest called Out of the Shadow. The level 45 monster is in the eastern part of Cressida, in Eastpool, Rosaria. Bring it down, and you’ll earn a ton of XP, AP, Gil and Renown. Also one Fallen Iron and, of course, one Orichalcum.

The second of the three Orichalcum locations in Final Fantasy 16 is in the Hunt for The Tricephalic Terror, or Gorgimera. This side quest unlocks when you reach the main quest called Across the Narrow. This level 45 creature is in the southwest of the Velkroy Desert, not far from the edge of the map. The other rewards for killing Gorgimera include tons of XP, AP, Gil and Renown. Lastly, we have the Hunt for The Masterless Marauder or Behemoth King, a level 47 monster. This hunt does not become available before completing the Nobody’s Tool side quest, which in turn opens during the Back to Their Origin main quest. Nobody’s Tool begins in The Hideaway; you take it from Dorys. The Behemoth King is in the north of the Vidargraes area, in Waloed.

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