Final Fantasy 16 Best Abilities

The best Final Fantasy 16 best abilities depend on your preferences, but there are a number of them that should work for everybody, regardless of play style. Those are the ones we’ll be talking about in this guide, including how many Ability Points they cost and what they do. So, what are the best FF16 abilities? Let’s get into it.

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final fantasy 16 best abilities
Final Fantasy 16 Best Abilities

FF16 Best Abilities – Final Fantasy XVI

In the list below, you are going to find the best abilities you can get in Final Fantasy 16, or FF16. Naturally, these will depend on your overall play style. Perhaps some of the abilities we’ve mentioned don’t work as well with your build. We will try and keep the list to the abilities that should be useful universally, but if you want to make other choices, go for it. Feel free to share your preferneces in the comments. With all of that out of the way, here’s the list.

  • Stomp – Costs 15 Ability Points, allows you to jump on enemies to reach higher platforms
  • Burning Blade – Costs 25 Ability Points, grants you a powerful charged attack
  • Swift Recovery – Costs 10 Ability Points, allows you to get up faster after getting knocked down
  • Rising Flames – Starting Ability, deals a lot of damage to one target, cools down quickly
  • Judgment Bolt – Really powerful attack that hits one enemy, but does have a long cooldown
  • Precision Dodge – Costs 500 Ability Points, prolongs the window to execute a Precision Dodge
  • Downthrust and Downthrust Mastery – Cost 30 and 15 Points respectively, granting a powerful attack and them make it stronger
  • Flames of Rebirth – Costs 1695 Ability Points, really powerful attack that hits every enemy around you
  • Windup – Incredibly powerful charged attack

And there you go, that’s our list of the best abilities in Final Fantasy 16, or FF16. Again, don’t take it as gospel; these are just suggestions. If there’s something else in the game giving you trouble, check out some of our other guides. We have articles like Increase Inventory Size, Upgrade Inventory Slots, Story or Action Focused Choice, and others.

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