Final Fantasy 16 Preorder Not Showing, Braveheart Missing Fix

If you are missing your FF16 preorder bonus content, you are not alone! Final Fantasy XVI is now live. However, many players report that their bonuses – Braveheart, Scholar’s Spectacles & Cait Sith Charm – are missing from FFXVI. So, where to find the FFXVI preorder bonus and how to claim it? Read on as we explain what you need to do.

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Final Fantasy 16 Preorder Not Showing, Braveheart Missing Fix
Final Fantasy XVI Preorder Bonus Missing

Final Fantasy 16 Preorder Bonus Missing, Braveheart, Scholar’s Spectacles & Cait Sith Charm Not Showing

Players who have preordered Final Fantasy XVI are eligible to receive three awesome pieces of content on release. We’re talking about Gil Boost Accessory Cait Sith Charm, the bonus weapon Braveheart, and the Scholar’s Spectacles. However, the game is now live, and a number of players report issues with their FF16 preorder bonus missing and not showing in-game. So, where to find these bonuses? Luckily, there is a simple solution. As explained by Reddit user Celesteeemeo, here’s how to claim your FF16 in-game pre-order bonuses:

  1. Press the Options button.
  2. This will open the main menu in FF16.
  3. Press R2 until you reach the System menu tab. That’s the one on the far right.
  4. Once in the System menu, press R1 until you reach Redeemable Items.
  5. This menu can also be found on the far right.
  6. Finally, press X on the items you wish to claim.

And that’s it. This should fix the issue with the missing bonus weapon Braveheart and other FF16 pre-order bonuses. However, there’s another thing that needs to be mentioned. Namely, if you are starting a new game and not carrying over your demo save file, these FF16 preorder bonus items will not show until after you’ve finished the prologue. They will appear only after the prologue. With that said, out “Final Fantasy 16 Preorder Not Showing, Braveheart Missing Fix” guide is completed.

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