Final Fantasy 16 Upgrade Potion Potency, Buff Consumables

Not sure how to upgrade potion potency in Final Fantasy 16? The new Final Fantasy mainline game is finally here, and it marks a significant point in the history of the series. It introduces many new mechanics while reinventing the old formula. In this guide, we explain how to increase consumable effects in FF16.

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Final Fantasy 16 Upgrade Potion Potency, Buff Consumables
Final Fantasy 16 Stronger Potions

How to Upgrade Potion Potency in Final Fantasy 16, Increase Consumables Effect

Final Fantasy XVI introduces many stark changes to the traditional FF formula. For starters, it is the first fully-fledged action RPG game in the mainline Final Fantasy series. We’ve seen glimpses of action combat in FF15 and FF7 Remake, but this one completely parts ways with turn-based combat. And you know that action RPGs require quick slots for key items in order to access them as fast as possible. Check out our separate guide on how to increase the inventory size. Final Fantasy 16 also features many healing potions and buff items which provide various bonuses during combat. And while most of them are great on their own, you will want to strengthen their effects as soon as possible.

FF16 has two levels of Upgrades for Potion Potency. They increase how much each potion heals or how long buffs from a potion last. You will get the first FF16 Consumable Potency Upgrade as a reward from The Root of the Problem side quest. Nigel the Head Botanist is the one who will give you this quest in The Hideway. You will unlock this quest during the “After the Storm” main quest. You will need to obtain several Morganbeards for him at the northern Rosaria.

Finally, to unlock the Consumable Potency Upgrade Level 2, you will need to complete the Please Sir, Can I have Some Morbol side quest. For the quest, you must use the hunt board to locate an “extraordinary” Morbol, defeat Carrot at the Whispering Waters, and deliver the Morbol tendrils to Nigel in the Hideaway. With that said, that’s how you upgrade potion potency in FF16.

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