3 new For Honor Trailers Nobushi Samurai, Lawbringer and Valkyrie

We have 3 brand new For Honor trailers, featuring 3 different heroes that we will be able to use in the game. Nobushi Samurai for the Samurai faction, Lawbringer for the Knights faction and Valkyrie for the Viking faction. You can check out all of the trailers below, as well as some details about each one.

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The first one is Nobushi Samurai. They will be equipped with the lightest armor available, while using exotic weapons to devastate their enemies. Nobushi are mysterious masked warriors that use spear-like naginata and hand-to-hand combat. Samurai warriors rely on their martial arts skill, cunning, and devotion to their culture in order to survive and defeat their enemies.

Lawbringers represent the Knight’s faction. Their goal is to restore order, eliminate cruelty and lawlessness, and bring justice. They are equipped with special heavy armor, constructed in their order. As a weapon, they use the poleaxe. They are used to hack down the opponent, but also trip him, block his weapon, disarm him, and slice him. Knights are led by Apollyon, with Ashfeld as their home.

Last but not least, it’s the Valkyrie, representing the Viking faction. They are a warrior order that made a deal with the gods, earning glory for the fallen dead. They are equipped with a spear and shield. They are scouts, trackers and fierce warriors. It seems that they will be gender-locked to female only, since Valkyrie warriors were only female according to Norse mythology. The Vikings returned in great numbers a few centuries ago, and their goal is to reclaim their ancient homeland in the North called Valkeinheim.

If you are interested in trying the game, you can register for the upcoming closed beta testing. Check the official Ubisoft website for registration. The beta will last from the 26th of January to the 29th, and the full game will be out on the 14th of February.

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