Gravity Rush 2 - How To Fast Travel

Gravity Rush 2 features a vast world for you to explore. You can get about using Kat’s gravity controlling abilities, but there’s a better and quicker way. In this guide, we’ll show you how to travel fast in Gravity Rush 2, where the manholes are, and more.

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Gravity Rush 2 - How To Fast Travel
Gravity Rush 2 – How To Fast Travel

How To Unlock Fast Travel in Gravity Rush 2

You won’t have access to this option right from the get-go. Luckily, you won’t need it; your gravity powers will do just fine in the beginning. However, once the Banga Settlement manages to reach Jirga Para Lhao, the world will open up. You’ll have much more to explore than you did in the first few hours of gameplay. At that point, flying around becomes a little cumbersome and slow.

When you reach a certain point of the main story (measured by percentage completed), you’ll get to find the first Manhole. It’s located near Banga Settlement in Jirga Para Lhao, in the market. Look around until you spot it. Voila, you’ve unlocked fast travel!

Unfortunately, finding one manhole isn’t enough. Before you can zoom around the world, you’ll have to discover the others as well. The more of them you find, the more locations you can fast travel to.

Gravity Rush 2 – Where to Find Manholes

Manholes are scattered all over the map, in the many locations you’ll get to visit on your adventure. There’s a total of 21 in the game, and some of them are very hard to spot. Finding all of them will be essential for you to get around quickly and efficiently.

In order to find the Manholes easily, pay close attention while you’re flying. Keep an eagle eye open for colorful circles on the ground. When you spot one, fly in for a closer look. You’ll notice rings that seem to be emanating from the ground. That’s your sign that you’ve found a Manhole. Activate it and you’ll have yourself a new fast travel point.

One side note: Don’t rely too much on fast travel, since you’ll miss a lot of collectibles and secrets that way. Don’t forget to explore. Check out our Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems guide for more info on collectibles in the game.

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