For Honor Gets Trailers for 3 Classes

Another three For Honor trailers have popped up on Youtube, dedicated to three classes from the game’s warring factions. In this batch, you’ll get to see the Orochi, the Berserker and the Conqueror in action.

The Orochi is a samurai warrior.
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They’re nimble masters of the katana, equipped with medium armor that “strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and strength”. Each one is said to be worth a hundred regular warriors. They are masters of the shadows, with techniques taken from ninja clans.

Representatives of the knight faction, Conquerors are criminals who got a shot at penance through combat. They took it, and used it well. Armed with a flail and a shield, they’re said to be an unstoppabe force, “strong as a battering ram, sturdy as a fortress door”. The trailer also hints they won’t be easy to use, saying the flail is as much a danger to the wielder as it is to the enemy.

Finally, the Berserker. These Viking warrirors are wild and chaotic. They wield axes in both hands, fighting with a burning rage which makes others compare them to forest beasts. Their true weapons are said to be passion and fury. They’re lightly armored, but persistent and mobile.

Each faction should have four classes, so we’re bound to see more of these as the release inches closer. For Honor is supposed to launch on February 14th, 2017. It will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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