Pokemon Go Buddy KM walking distance requirements

The newest Pokemon Go update – 0.37.0 for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS – is available for download. This update introduces the Buddy system, a mechanic that allows players to choose any Pokemon from their collection as a companion.
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Aside from the ability to have a favorite companion on your journey, the system also adds an additional way to earn Candies for your Pokemon Buddies. The bonus for traveling a specific distance with your selected companion is a single Candy for the chosen Pokemon.

Each Pokemon Buddy in Pokemon Go is created differently, and that separates them in different walking-distance-candy groups. For some of them, you’ll have to walk a short distance of 1 km before you get a Candy, and for the others the distance is 3 or 5 km, which makes them more difficult to acquire candies from. Horsea, for example, takes 3 km For 1 Candy, while Eevee requires 5 km.

pokemon go buddy kilometer distance-requirements Pokemon GO Important Notes:
  • If you’re in the process of walking a buddy, swapping between different Pokemon to see how far you need to walk them will make you lose your progress.
  • Another interesting detail is that walking your Buddy Pikachu 10 km will place him on your shoulder instead of standing next to you.

Pokemon Go Buddies with 1 KM walking distance for a Candy


List of Pokemon Buddies with 3 KM traveling distance for a Candy

Abra 40x40 iconAbraKangaskhan 40x40 iconKangaskhanRhyhorn 40x40 iconRhyhorn
Bellsprout 40x40 iconBellsproutKoffing 40x40 iconKoffingSandshrew 40x40 iconSandshrew
Bulbasaur 40x40 iconBulbasaurKrabby 40x40 iconKrabbySeel 40x40 iconSeel
Charmander 40x40 iconCharmanderLickitung 40x40 iconLickitungShellder 40x40 iconShellder
Cubone 40x40 iconCuboneMachop 40x40 iconMachopSlowpoke 40x40 iconSlowpoke
Diglett 40x40 iconDiglettMagnemite 40x40 iconMagnemiteSquirtle 40x40 iconSquirtle
Doduo 40x40 iconDoduoMankey 40x40 iconMankeyStaryu 40x40 iconStaryu
Drowzee 40x40 iconDrowzeeMeowth 40x40 iconMeowthTangela 40x40 iconTangela
Ekans 40x40 iconEkansNidoran (m) 40x40 iconNidoran (m)Tauros 40x40 iconTauros
Exeggcute 40x40 iconExeggcuteNidoran (f) 40x40 iconNidoran (f)Tentacool 40x40 iconTentacool
Farfetch'd 40x40 iconFarfetch’dOddish 40x40 iconOddishVenonat 40x40 iconVenonat
Gastly 40x40 iconGastlyParas 40x40 iconParasVoltorb 40x40 iconVoltorb
Goldeen 40x40 iconGoldeenPoliwag 40x40 iconPoliwagVulpix 40x40 iconVulpix
Grimer 40x40 iconGrimerPonyta 40x40 iconPonyta  
Growlithe 40x40 iconGrowlithePorygon 40x40 iconPorygon  
Horsea 40x40 iconHorseaPsyduck 40x40 iconPsyduck  

List of Pokemons with 5 KM walking distance for a Candy

Aerodactyl 40x40 iconAerodactylKabuto 40x40 iconKabuto
Chansey 40x40 iconChanseyMagmar 40x40 iconMagmar
Dratini 40x40 iconDratiniMr.  Mime 40x40 iconMr. Mime
Eevee 40x40 iconEeveeOmanyte 40x40 iconOmanyte
Electabuzz 40x40 iconElectabuzzOnix 40x40 iconOnix
Jynx 40x40 iconJynxPinsir 40x40 iconPinsir
Lapras 40x40 iconLaprasSnorlax 40x40 iconSnorlax
Hitmonchan 40x40 iconHitmonchanScyther 40x40 iconScyther
Hitmonlee 40x40 iconHitmonlee  

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