How to Play Raider in For Honor

Raider is a medium weight class in For Honor. A Raider is great at disabling foes with stuns and throws, as well as hitting as hard as a hammer.
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One of their attacks is even unblockable. The game lists them as an easy character, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for finesse. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play Raider in For Honor, their skills and attacks.

for honor raider

Raider Overview

Raider has six modifiers, abilities that make the class what it is. Here’s a list of Raider Hero Modifiers, along with explanations:
  • Renown – Earn more Bounty when you’re outnumbered, by controlling objectives and killing enemy soldiers.
  • Stun – A stunned opponent can’t see your guard.
  • Stampede Charge – Hold guarbreak button to manage sprint distance. Knock down enemies while running. If you know grabbed opponents into a wall, you’ll stun them.
  • Controlled Throw Back – Hold guardbreak button to manage orientation. Enemy loses stamine whenever he knocks a nearby character.
  • Heavy Attack Cancel – Cancel a heavy attack into a light one to perform a Stunning Tap.
  • Dodge Cancel – Cancel a dodge into a guardbreak.
And here is a lost of moves the Raider can perform:

Chain 1Light attack, Light attack, Light attack
Chain 2Heavy attack, Heavy attack, Heavy attack
Chain 3Heavy attack, Light attack, Heavy attack
Unblockable AlternateLight attack plus Heavy attack
Stunning TapDodge, then Light attack
Reaping ChargePress left stick and Heavy attack
Stampede ChargePress left stick and hold guardbreak button

Raider Feats

Feats are skills you that let you customize your warrior. They can either be active or passive. You start with four, but you can unlock an additional eight and swap them out as you like. Here are the feats the Raider can use:

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Trigger to gain speed for a while
Body Count
Passive: Killing soldiers gives you health and stamina
Passive: Lose stamina more slowly
Marked For Death
Reveal target position and lower their attack and defense
Your minions get stat boosts
Bear Trap
Medium damage trap that stops enemies
Increase speed, attack and defense for a while
Second Wind
Heal yourself a bit
Increase stats of friendly soldiers, lower stats of enemy soldiers
Stalwart Banner
Allies near you regenerate health
Fire Flask
Throw a flask that does area of effect damage
Auto block grab attempts for a while

Raider Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips to help you improve your performance as a Raider:
  • Raider has unique throws. After you perform a guardbreak, use the left stick and the guardbreak button to perform a directional throw.
  • If you throw enemies into walls, it will stun them. Make use of environmental objects like that.
  • When you push an enemy into a group, they’ll lose stamina. When they’re out of stamina, they can’t block.
  • Follow up on stunning taps with attacks.
  • If you manage to sneak in an unblockable attack into your chain, you’ll deal a lot of damage, and the enemy won’t be ready to dodge it.
  • You can feint an unblockable attack to make the enemy retreat.